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Professional Teeth Whitening Services: Before and After

Experience a Brighter Smile at Dr. Naziri Dental Care

Dr. Naziri Dental Care in Los Angeles specializes in tooth whitening, a non-invasive procedure that enhances the beauty of your smile. With the rise in demand for a luminous smile, we offer tailored solutions to ensure you leave with a radiant set of teeth. Trust our experts for an impeccable outcome.

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Revolutionary Home Tooth Whitening Systems Available

We proudly offer the most popular method of tooth whitening – a home system designed for dramatic results. Achieve a professionally whitened look in the comfort of your home under our guidance.

Why Consider Tooth Whitening at Dr. Naziri Dental Care?

Many reasons might prompt you to consider tooth whitening. From normal wear and tear, medication stains, or even fluorosis, our treatments tackle them all. If you’re troubled by yellow or brown stains, we’re here to help.

Initial Consultation and Impressions

Your journey to a brighter smile begins with an initial consultation. We then take precise impressions of your teeth to create customized clear plastic trays, ensuring a perfect fit for effective results.

Using Your Whitening Trays

During your subsequent visit, we ensure the trays fit perfectly. These trays, filled with a special whitening solution, can be worn either for short daily durations or overnight. The treatment spans a few weeks for optimal results.

Sensitivity and Aftercare

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It’s common to experience tooth sensitivity during the whitening process. This sensation will fade soon after you conclude the treatment. We provide aftercare instructions and recommend regular dental visits to uphold your beautiful smile.

Restoration Matching Post-Whitening

For those with fillings, crowns, or other restorations, consider having them replaced after your whitening treatment. This ensures they match your newly whitened teeth, offering a seamless appearance.