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Porcelain Crown Caps: Get a Strong, Beautiful Smile

Discover the Benefits of Porcelain Crowns with Dr. Naziri

At Dr. Naziri Dental Care in Los Angeles, we specialize in the art of restoring smiles. Porcelain crowns, also commonly known as caps, offer an excellent solution to rejuvenate the appearance and function of teeth that have been compromised. Not only do these crowns resemble your natural teeth, but they also serve to protect and enhance the underlying tooth structure.

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Why Choose Porcelain Crowns?

Porcelain crowns are more than just cosmetic solutions. They are a blend of aesthetic appeal and dental health enhancement. From broken or fractured teeth, large fillings, decayed teeth, to teeth that have undergone a root canal, porcelain crowns address various dental issues while giving you a radiant, natural smile.

The Porcelain Crown Process

Opting for a porcelain crown with Dr. Naziri involves a thorough yet straightforward two-appointment procedure. Our goal is to ensure that the entire process, from molding to the final fitting, is seamless, comfortable, and tailored to meet your unique needs.

First Appointment: Preparation

During the initial visit, our team will take precise molds of your teeth. This step ensures the custom crown fits perfectly. Any decay is removed, and the tooth is shaped to welcome the crown. A temporary crown is then placed, setting the stage for the permanent transformation.

Second Appointment: Fitting

On your next visit, the temporary crown makes way for the permanent porcelain masterpiece. Dr. Naziri ensures meticulous cleaning of the tooth and checks the fit and bite of the new crown, ensuring optimal comfort and appearance.

Post-procedure Care

To maximize the lifespan of your porcelain crown, Dr. Naziri provides personalized care instructions. Regular dental check-ups at our Los Angeles clinic are recommended to monitor and maintain the health and brilliance of your new crown.

Why Dr. Naziri Dental Care?

Our dedication goes beyond just dental procedures. At Dr. Naziri Dental Care, it’s about crafting smiles and building lasting relationships. With years of expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and a patient-first approach, you’re not just getting a crown; you’re investing in a lifetime of beautiful smiles.