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Dentures: Caring for Your New Smile

Dr. Naziri Dental Care: Expertise in Complete & Partial Dentures

At Dr. Naziri Dental Care, we understand the importance of a functional and aesthetically pleasing smile. Dentures are removable dental appliance replacements for missing teeth and surrounding tissue, designed to closely resemble your natural teeth, often enhancing your smile in the process.

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Complete vs. Partial Dentures: What's Best for You?

Complete dentures come into play when all teeth in an arch are missing. In contrast, partial dentures are designed for those who still have some natural teeth. They fill in the gaps from missing teeth and prevent the remaining teeth from shifting. Let our team guide you on the best choice.

Conventional or Immediate Dentures: Know the Difference

A complete denture can be either conventional or immediate. The conventional type is made post teeth removal and gum healing, typically taking 4 to 6 weeks. Meanwhile, immediate dentures, crafted in advance, are placed right after teeth extraction, allowing patients to never be without teeth. Post healing, adjustments might be essential for the perfect fit.

Durable Dentures for Long-lasting Satisfaction

Our dentures are robust and built to last years. However, due to normal wear, they might require repairs, readjustments, or remaking. Trust in our expert team for maintenance and longevity.

Benefits of Dentures: Beyond Restoring Your Beautiful Smile

Choosing dentures goes beyond aesthetics. They play a crucial role in enhancing facial tissues, improving chewing efficiency, aiding in clear speech, and promoting better digestion.

Your Journey with Dentures: What to Expect at Our Clinic

Acquiring dentures involves precision. It necessitates several appointments over weeks, capturing accurate impressions and measurements for a custom denture fit. The process might require several try-ins, ensuring optimal shape, color, and fit. Rest assured, our final adjustment guarantees a comfortable and natural finish.

Post-fitting Experience & Care for Your New Dentures

It’s not uncommon to experience increased saliva, mild soreness, or initial speech and chewing difficulty. These usually wane as your tissues adapt. Our team provides comprehensive care instructions, emphasizing cleaning, oral hygiene, and periodic dental checks to extend your denture’s life.